Wish Your B2B Content Could Deliver?

• New sales leads
• A persuasive competitive message
• Useful and helpful assistance for prospects
• Increased ROI on your marketing investment
• Fresh, relevant ideas
• Greater Sales impact
• Solutions geared to today's needs, fears, worries
• Brand through solution value, not just images
• Enriched relationships to increase customer retention
• Clear links to the big picture for employees
• Clear, compelling, memorable reasons to buy

Content? Why “Content?”…

We know, we hate the term too. Somehow any term that includes everything from Shakespeare to the latest tweet seems wrong. But it has become a useful term nonetheless.

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“But, We’ve Got An Agency That Does That”

Most B2B companies have an “agency of record” that produces a lot of fantastic work. Through long experience, they function almost as internal departments.

We like agencies, a portion of our business writing work comes from agencies. But a good deal of it doesn’t.

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…Because If You Can’t Tell It, You Can’t Sell It

Just what IS your story now? Anything different from the last time you developed your “essential materials,” (content)? Customers behaving any differently? Your points of competitive strength evolved any? Has the marketplace gotten any simpler?

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More Value from Essential Resources

Current economic times may have forced you to shrink your headcount, saying goodbye to people who have been with you for years. We can’t compensate for the hurt of that, nothing can. What we CAN do, however,

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