After the obligatory early job explorations that included ghostwriting, bartending,  owning  a high-concept restaurant/bar/art gallery, technical writing, book editing, and even a stint as a newspaper reporter, I became gripped by Marketing.  I spent fifteen years at FedEx in a series of roles  that included brand identity, custom publishing,  advertising & promotion, retail marketing, Sales support, and technology marketing.  robert_head

My longtime avocations were political speechwriting, political campaign consulting, technology, theater, and public speaking. 

For me, vocation and avocation came together with a bang when the Internet emerged as a business environment circa 1993.  The near-real-time cycle of communications, customer trial, purchase, customer support and market intelligence, on a rapidly evolving technology environment, coupled with the opportunity to write, be interviewed,  and speak broadly on e-business strategies that were proving effective for us was the thrill-ride of a lifetime.  This early glimpse of how eternal business goals could be addressed with radically new methods spoke to my creative side and my methodical-execution side.

I have been working the same crossroads of  Marketing, Sales, Technology, and Communications ever since.

After stints in financial services,  co-founding a patented secure infrastructure startup,  marketing collaboration software, serving as partner in a market research company, and helping grow a  playoff sports ticket “futures” company, I am focusing my current energies on the very taproot of Marketing for B2B companies — CONTENT,  creatively conceived, persuasively communicated, knowledgeably deployed to draw prospects with value and relevance. 

  • Credo: Content Is An Attitude

      • Content is not "shovel-ware"
      • Content involves seeking someone who wants to hear
      • Content means having something to say
      • Having something to say means having ideas
      • Ideas require having a point of view
      • Point of view means definining what you sell as solutions
      • Implementing solutions changes people, processes, and technology
      • Change requires dialog
      • Marketing is this conversation